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Launching the Pursuit of the Perfect Camping Experience

New York – From coast to coast, the great American pastime for nature lovers isn’t on the baseball field—it’s out in the wilderness. Each year hundreds of thousands of urbanites and rural folk alike flock to their favorite camp sites or set out in search of new grounds, all with the same intent of immersing in the glory that nature has to offer. For both seasoned and green campers alike, the launch of Camping Pursuits, the site devoted to all things camping, is certain to be a camper’s delight.

While many campers already have their favorite spots picked out, the allure of greener pastures is never far. With the popularity of camping on the rise, many campgrounds can become overcrowded, so that what seemed like a weekend getaway into the solitude and peace of nature ends up being a crowded experience. Nothing quite ruins a camping experience like having to pitch a tent side-by-side with fellow campers.

Camping Pursuits has the solutions that campers seek. A website committed to the pursuit of the perfect camping experience, Camping Pursuits is the go-to for any information related to camping. Their guides on the best camping spots in the US stretch from coast to coast, from Washington to Florida, so readers can have their pick of areas to pitch a tent. Each guide contains information about the best campgrounds in that state, in addition to helpful insights about the natural beauty to check out in the area, information about campground entrance fees, links to reservation websites, and more.

Reviews of the best camping equipment are also available on Camping Pursuits. Whether it’s the best-rated water filter, or the best backpack that is both comfortable and suitable for a week-long trek, Camping Pursuits provides information about every aspect of camping that readers need to know in order to be fully prepared for the wonders and dangers of the wild.

In addition to camping guides, Camping Pursuits also provides the information that readers need to know about wilderness survival. Reviews of the best hatchets, axes, coolers and more ensure that readers can embark on their wilderness excursions with their compasses pointed to true safety. Information on hiking, outdoor activities, and the best equipment are all available on Camping Pursuits.

Camping Pursuits helps readers make the most of their summer. With campground guides, equipment reviews and more, there’s no excuse for not packing one’s bags and setting out in pursuit of a happy camping experience.


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