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HeadTalker Is Giving Competitor Thunderclap A Run For Their Money!

Thunderclap has been the leader of crowdspeaking ever since they launched in 2012, but in since HeadTalker launched in 2014 they have been experiencing a decrease in campaigns that are launching on their platform. HeadTalker came into the crowdspeaking industry and changed everything!

They launched the first 100% free crowdspeaking platform which gives all of the same features as Thunderclap, but at no cost to the campaign creators. HeadTalker also gives a free 500,000 social reach to every campaign that is launched on their platform. These are a few reasons why they are probably getting so many campaigns to launch on their site over Thunderclap.

HeadTalker also has top notch customer support and approves campaigns in 24 hours or less. Thunderclap charges the campaign creators money to get their campaign approved in 24 hours and they don’t approve campaigns on the weekend. HeadTalker also lets the campaign creators choose what they want their supporter goal to be while Thunderclap requires a minimum of 100 supporters for their campaigns.

You can get a custom supporter goal on Thunderclap, but you have to pay for that as well. After comparing the two it looks like HeadTalker is the better choice for campaign creators to save them time and money. What do you think about the two crowdspeaking platforms?

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